Friday, October 1, 2010

Week, scratch that.... Month in Action!

Well, here I am!  The month of September was crazy, and unfortunately, looking at my calendar I'm pretty sure October is going to be worse.  I feel like our professors got together and said, "I think it'd be a great idea to put all exams, assignments, group presentations, everything into one month and I think October is the month for that."  Aaaagghhh, I've never been more ready for Christmas!  I can't wait to be in Louisiana for a month!!  But enough of all that... let's talk about the fun things of September...

September being here meant it was officially okay to say.... "IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN OKLAHOMA!!!!!!!!"  Woohoo!!  I love my Sooners!  Here's a few pictures from week 2 and week 3...

Week 2 vs Florida State

Best seats in the house! :)

Week 3 vs Air Force
Love it!

Awesome halftime show!  A salute to the branches of the military!

Fly-by at halftime... Boeing C-17!  That is one HUGE plane!

Along with Sooner Football, September brought Randy Rogers Band and Kevin Fowler!  This was a great concert... not only did great music make it great but the 6th row for FREE made it that much better! :)  We had a great time!
Surprise guest... Josh Kelley!  That's Katherine Heigl's husband!

Kevin Fowler

Rhiyonce' and Samone

Me and Meggie
Randy Rogers Band!!!

Although October is sure to be crazy I have so many fun things to look forward to!! First up, the CARRIE UNDERWOOD concert!!!! I'm so excited!  Words cannot even describe it.  Also, the OU Softball Alumni Weekend!  I can't wait to see all my teammates!  I wish I had more to report but it would really just be about school and that's pretty boring... so until next time...