Friday, October 1, 2010

Week, scratch that.... Month in Action!

Well, here I am!  The month of September was crazy, and unfortunately, looking at my calendar I'm pretty sure October is going to be worse.  I feel like our professors got together and said, "I think it'd be a great idea to put all exams, assignments, group presentations, everything into one month and I think October is the month for that."  Aaaagghhh, I've never been more ready for Christmas!  I can't wait to be in Louisiana for a month!!  But enough of all that... let's talk about the fun things of September...

September being here meant it was officially okay to say.... "IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN OKLAHOMA!!!!!!!!"  Woohoo!!  I love my Sooners!  Here's a few pictures from week 2 and week 3...

Week 2 vs Florida State

Best seats in the house! :)

Week 3 vs Air Force
Love it!

Awesome halftime show!  A salute to the branches of the military!

Fly-by at halftime... Boeing C-17!  That is one HUGE plane!

Along with Sooner Football, September brought Randy Rogers Band and Kevin Fowler!  This was a great concert... not only did great music make it great but the 6th row for FREE made it that much better! :)  We had a great time!
Surprise guest... Josh Kelley!  That's Katherine Heigl's husband!

Kevin Fowler

Rhiyonce' and Samone

Me and Meggie
Randy Rogers Band!!!

Although October is sure to be crazy I have so many fun things to look forward to!! First up, the CARRIE UNDERWOOD concert!!!! I'm so excited!  Words cannot even describe it.  Also, the OU Softball Alumni Weekend!  I can't wait to see all my teammates!  I wish I had more to report but it would really just be about school and that's pretty boring... so until next time...

Monday, September 27, 2010

"And the award goes to..."

"And the award for Worst Blogger Ever goes to.... Jamie Fox!"  I know I've been the worst blogger during the month of September and I want everyone to know I'm aware of this fact.  School has been crazy!  Once I get through Wednesday I promise to blog about the events of the last month... it's been out of control (or maybe it just feels that way)!  See you all back here at the end of the week! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love Comes Softly Saga

While I was home in Louisiana my mom told me about a series of movies that was going to be playing on the Hallmark channel.  She gave me a brief synopsis and told me the series was called The Love Comes Softly Saga.  I'm not really one for movies set in the olden days, but since my mom recommended the movies I decided I would watch the first one and take it from there.  The series consisted of eight movies set in the 1800s.  The first movie in the series is called "Love Comes Softly" and stars Katherine Heigl and Dale Midkiff.  The plot of the movie involves Marty (Heigl) and her husband who have just moved out West.  The woman's husband dies and she has no where to live, meaning no shelter from the cold winter that is coming.  She accepts an offer from a widower named Clark Davis (Midkiff).  The arrangement is simple, he will give her a place to stay for the winter and provide her with the money to travel back East in the spring in exchange for her hand in marriage and providing a maternal influence for his daughter during the winter. 

Through the process the bitter Marty learns about "Clark's God."  Clark lives his life in such a way that Marty begins to see and understand God's unconditional love for us and how He is always faithful to meet our needs.  The eight movies move through 3 generations of the family, always showing the love and grace God shows us daily.  The movies were truly a blessing.  It was a wonderful surprise to watch something on television that didn't involve any crazy new age, secular ideas.  I found myself looking forward to my evening movie time! 

Through a series of Christian based, "made for TV" movies I was reminded of the simple truth that God always takes care of us, meeting our every need. "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19  Trusting and understanding that God will meet all of our needs seems to be the "easy" part.  The "hard" part is what we do after those needs are met... Do we give Him praise?  Thanks?  Do we share His grace and mercy with those around us?  Man, how often do I fail at this?  This reminds me of good ole Psalm 23... "...He restores my soul."  Along with our physical and emotional needs, our Savior is the only one who can supply our spiritual needs.  But don't stop reading in verse 3 because the really cool part comes in verses 5 and 6... " cup overflows... and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."  God meets all our needs and in meeting our needs, He changes our lives!  The "need" leads us to Him!  Our needs are known to God. They are important to God. And they are given to us by God to lead us to Him... do we then allow Him to work through us to show others His goodness, His faithfulness?  My prayer is that I allow God to use me in ALL circumstances... I challenge you to do the same! And see the movies... they're great! :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week in Action

Coming up with a descriptive word for this week is anything but easy. I drove back to Tulsa on Sunday (8/23) after a great vacation. I went to Destin, FL for a week and then to Lafayette for a week. The two week break was AMAZING, which made getting up early on Monday morning to start another semester very difficult. After one week in the classroom it seems this is going to be a tough semester. Where is that light at the end of the tunnel?? Along with class I also experienced a yummy new sushi place in Tulsa... thanks to the discovery by my friend, Mandy! If you're ever in Tulsa and in the mood for sushi try Haruno at 71st and Memorial.... Yummy! I finished the week off with a little chanting of "BOOMER!" "SOONER!" Always feels good to be rooting for the Crimson and Cream! The OU women's soccer team was in town playing Tulsa and my old teammate's little sisters now play for OU. It's always great to spend an evening with an old teammate, but I was surprised when I showed up at the soccer stadium and TWO OLD TEAMMATES were there! I have A LOT of great memories with Rel and Jade, and we always have a great time together... including a night of being the annoying fans with vuvuzelas!

"There's Only 1 Oklahoma!"

The Dickson Girls!
(Tiana and Zoe in college = Rel, Jade, & me getting old!)
All in all it was a good week. The next few weeks will be exciting all because (drum roll please).... IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN OKLAHOMA!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than Christmas, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Monday, August 23, 2010

adventure?!?... I believe so!

Well, here I go... Is becoming a blogger an adventure?  I think YES!  I'm not quite sure who will read this blog, who will keep up, or even who will really care but after being away from home for 7 years I've been convinced that it's time to become a blogger.  By starting a blog suddenly all my fears have come alive... my inability to spell (ha is "inability" even spelled correctly there), should I be witty or serious or inspirational, am I even cool enough to have a blog?!?!??  Regardless of my "fears" the time has come to blog away! :)  Other than the handful of people I know in Tulsa (see below for their wonderful faces, only missing a few) I pretty much live away from all family and friends so this is a great way to stay connected.  I went to dinner the other night with my Louisiana besties (again, see picture below) and all it took was a confirmation that they would read my blog and the journey had begun! :)  Although I LOVE living in Oklahoma, part of me has always been sad that my very best friends cannot share in my everyday life... just ask them, I'm ALWAYS begging/mentioning/offering bribes/pleading for someone from LA to come and visit me!  Compromise for now --this BLOG!  Anyway, I feel like I have a lifetime of blogging to catch up on but we'll see how that goes.  For now, my goal is to simply keep up with this and hope my friends gain some insight into the wonderful world that is my Oklahoma life... oh yeah, and maybe encourage everyone else a little along the way! ;)  Until next time...
Louisiana Girls!
(this is the last time we were all together... in April at Betsy's wedding!)


p.s. although still a work in progress, the credit for the design of this blog goes entirely to jenny gilbert.  in the future visit jen & ink for all your invitation needs!  credit for the name of the blog, "frankly fox" goes to betsy prather!